Lander, WY – Several months since five WCCLEs (regiments within the Wyoming Catholic College Freshmen Expedition) returned to Lander, it has just been revealed that one yet remains in the wilderness. Unheard from since middle-August, when its members separated from their instructors to go on what is called ISG (traveling independently as part of the course), WCCLE 6, with ten freshmen men is “undeniably lost” according to IIT sources within the OLP. No “Spot” check-ins have been received since August 23rd, our source reported and while it would normally be major news for ten people to get lost in the wilderness, the biggest surprise of the whole situation is that for some reason no one has said anything publicly about the disappearance.

It would make sense, sort of, for the rest of the freshman class to have never noticed the absence of ten members. No one really knows everyone in their class for a couple of weeks, so during the week for WFA with everyone including WCCLE 6 present, there’s no reason to think anyone would have “really noticed” a few more people there than actually returned. Someone might notice the absence of or wonder where some guy in a turban, with a flat cap, or in a superhero costume was, but as most people stick to their roommates , their WCCLE, or their very close friends, most wouldn’t particularly notice.

Some say people should have noticed something was up as the pre-COR photo of the entire class shows only 52 students and fifteen instructors, right in target for a conspiracy theory purporting that WCCLE 6 didn’t exist this year, but internal sources at the OLP tell us the reason for this is simple. WCCLE 6 missed the photo because of “technical issues” and an urgent phone call for one of the instructors, who our source refuses to disclose for fear of threatening their own safety, as certain people at the OLP are attempting to cover up the disappearance.

Class of 2023 immediately prior to departure on COR

These must be the same people who have changed school records to give the appearance that the ten members of WCCLE 6 never existed, but nothing they could do has hid the fact that there were rooms prepared for all ten, one in Leo’s, one in the new apartments, and one in the old where WCCLE 6’s members were to stay and that the remaining members of the Class of 2023 are heavily and inexplicably skewed to women.

Direct evidence, contrary to school reports, exists of WCCLE 6’s existence, as with this photo taken from Mass one day during the COR expedition, disproving again this rampant theory that they never existed, but from now on the question remains of what thus happened to them? And while of course no one would want to publicize news of a disaster, why was nothing annouced to other WCCLEs, parents, families, or authorities, as was the case with WCCLE 5’s epic adventures last year?

Photo from WCCLE 6 – Leaked by an instructor

With no contact by the SPOT emergency system for days, wouldn’t the instructors, who no one for some reason can tell us who they are, have gone looking? Wouldn’t parents be concerned by now? Why has everyone kept quiet? We know the instructors are alive and have returned to the front-country, as with this above photo from “early during the expedition” but why have they leaked or said nothing else than this one photo?

We fear that SpartaInternational, the organization responsible for nearly every major trouble WCC faces in particular and many of the world’s recent wars and insurrections, is responsible, and has WCCLE 6 either killed, imprisoned, or so lost as to be effectively “lost to the world”.

But why? Just as inexplicably as the physical attacks made on WCCLE 5 last year which led to its going off course and getting lost amidst “reported dynamite blasts”, someone has something in for Wyoming Catholic College. And they have some sort of inside source and control over the school’s statements, data, and communication, evidenced by its silence on the matter.

It’s a scary world out there, and as IIT’s DangerSecureInvestigators team investigates, we still seem to have no way of knowing. Please send any tips however, on what could have really happened to WCCLE 6 to Your name and information will be kept confidential, and any information you have could be critical to ensuring the safe return of these ten unknown members of a new set of “Lost Boys”. Or at least, maybe, it’ll help figure out what happened.