Lander, WY – In preparation for the spring semester, Wyoming Catholic College recently released “new options for students to pick the section experience that fits them” according to a school press release today. “Students have long complained about how everything at this school is arbitrarily assigned for them,” says Student Life director Jason Mitchell, “But we’re pleased to fix this, offering our students new ways to take control of their education with Premium Sections.”

For $100 per semester, students now can be part of this once-arbitrary process. Those who sign up for the Premium Section plan get to choose up to three other students to be in their next class section, determine section character (mix of talkers, different personality types, etc.), and even choose which professor they want to have when two are teaching the same course. Once the semester has begun, members of the new program will also be able to switch between sections merely by notifying Student Life.

“We’re also considering having differing size sections as options,” Jason adds. “Thus if you work better in a smaller group we can put you in a section of ten, or better one where only eight actually show up. On the other hand, if you like a powerful group to get the discussion jamming, we can squish you into a twenty-two member section of talkers.”

A new mixture?

These new options should help quell the complaints of daters, who are separated 91% of the time on average as they could now simply buy their way back to being together in every class. A group of freshmen who want to set up a longboarder exclusive section are already interested in signing up as a group and several sophomores who want to buy their way into the Dr. Zepeda Math section.

Some observers worry that student learning and outcomes might be adversely affected by money and personal interests determining where everyone goes rather than science, as Student Life, in determining sections in the past, has aimed to create a mixture of personalities and styles in each that promotes everyone’s learning equally. 

But it appears that further changes are coming to WCC education amidst recent rumors that it might soon offer majors and “innovative, cross-class educational experiences” that will further change the current educational processes in place.