IIT founder Everett Polinski is the most popular author amongst this year’s juniors choices for the Junior Author Project (JAP) according to an IIT survey conducted today. Author of the Philosophy of Metal (2019), the Evangelium Andreii (2019), and the Compendium Andreii (2019), Everett is the content manager here at IrkutskIceTruckers.com as well as president of the IIT Group and we’re proud that seven juniors chose him for their project. In second place to Everett, four juniors chose WCC sophomore Andrew Russell for their author, having secured scripts for all of his skits, and one Russian junior is reported to have chosen Joseph Phillips, also a student at WCC as their author. The most interesting choice this year, however, is that of Sophia Donaldson of Alabama, who chose God as her author for the project, given that “the wilderness is God’s first Great Book or something like that”. Rather than read His properly written works such as the Bible (? AD), she’ll reportedly go out on a major outdoor trip and a minor outdoor excursion during the semester to fulfill this requirement.