Lander, WY – Due to a fear that it was promoting cannibalism among students, the worm-eats-worm computer game popular last semester amongst WCC students has been officially banned from all school computers. It’s well known already that the game has a quite detrimental direct effect on students’ academic performances, leading to the school having often discouraged its usage. However, a new study showed its effects to be far worse and the school immediately responded. “Actions come down from words which come from thoughts,” says Wyatt Aberson, head of the WCC Horsemanship program who led a recent study on for the WCC Student Life Office. “With Slither it’s the same. Someone thinks its a game but soon they’ll be thinking cannibalism, speaking cannibalism, and potentially things far worse.”

While some have argued that acts as great practice for endurance of the arduous, head on a swivel thinking, and promotion of other key ELP track goals, “this one disorder”, Wyatt says, makes it an “abject moral evil and a promoter of such that we’re just sorry we didn’t catch earlier.” has ban blocked immediately from the school and Crux Coffee internet networks, and WCC plans a “detox program” later this semester to start working people back from the disorder in their souls were they among those who have played the game.

Krunker, however, is still allowed almost everywhere on campus as this below video demonstrates: