In order to align the progression of its math sequence more closely to the good, true, and beautiful, Wyoming Catholic College announced a plan today to convert all numbers used in any way at the school into the duodecimal system. Base Twelve, as its otherwise known, the system has eleven numerals, two more than those used by the rest of the world (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9). Calculation in essentially no different in different mathematical base systems, these mainly being artificial constructions to aid in the understanding of quantity as sophomores are learning this week. However, the transition to thinking in this system will pose some temporary difficulties as our brains our all so used to thinking in base 10. “We plan to offer optional classes for a few weeks in how to start thinking duodecimal,”says Dr. Stanley Holson, head mathematics and philosophy professor at WCC. “We know its a little weird for us to do this all on our own, but we’re unique in so many ways already that this just makes so much sense for us and will open up our students to thinking in the true beauty that is duodecimal.” School financial statements, scheduling, grading, and library numbering will all switch to the duodecimal system by the end of January, with all students expected to be proficient in the duodecimal and using it on campus at all times by the end of February.

Several juniors are now pushing the school to fully adopt and require usage of the Aurebesh alphabet.