In a move to honor the demands of seniors that their school “go green”, Wyoming Catholic College has switched to a “completely renewable and environmentally friendly power source for all college buildings. “Its simple, the students,” says WCC executive vice president Saul H. Ciwoknot. “We find the smartest and highest GPA students at the school, attach electrodes to their brains at all times they are studying, and voila, pure power.”

Human brain illustrated with millions of small nerves – Conceptual 3d render

Sophomore MaryAnne, in the top three of the school’s smartest students, will be the first to be a power source in the new “PowerFromTheStudents” initiative as it is called, and she’s the obvious choice, Saul continues “as since she comes from a non-existent country we’re simply pulling power out of nothingness.

The sophomore known as Omnisicens, however, will not be part of the energy plan as his brain waves are at such a high frequency that they would pose a fire danger by their corresponding high voltage were they to be used for power.