Lander, WY – In a surprise announcement today to the school community, Wyoming Catholic College Humanities professor Dr. Jason Baxter announced plans today to move out and become a hermit in Sinks Canyon. Disappointed with the world as a whole and the school community in particular, too stiflingly unenlightened, frightened in general rather than experiencing wonder during an encounter with the numinous he finally “had enough” after “grading too much” and will move on to a new life away from society, politics, and blank sheets of paper.

Alike the early desert fathers, but aided by his knowledge of Dante, Dr. Baxter will still “teach” but only out in his camp in Sinks Canyon and classes will be quite different as he’ll live in a cave in Sinks Canyon and teach only HMN202 on Dante, while he’ll spend the rest of his time researching and deepening his understanding of the work, and reportedly writing a sequel trilogy to the Divine Comedy. Having to go out into the wilderness to learn offers a great way to integrate the ELP with the rest of the curriculum, something which WCC academic dean Professor Cleanut in particular likes with Baxter’s move as outdoor and navigational skills merge with philosophical enlightenment. With Cleanut’s support for the change, reactions at the school are quiet, but it is suspected by WCC Security that some math professors are happy over not having to deal with “Baxterian geometry any longer”.

Yet, students reportedly will not be spared quote quizzes even under this radical new teaching lifestyle. Rather than the customary, “take out a blank piece of paper” however, they will instead just have to recite the entire Divine Comedy from memory or write it out on the sand at the beginning of each class.

With this quizzing format, bathroom breaks will be allowed, however, on a case-by-case basis.