In a major move away from its past tradition, Wyoming Catholic College will soon begin offering choices of majors to its students as the school announced today. Customizing the required curriculum to fit students needs without changing it, it’s the “perfect solution” WCC academic dean Professor Cleanut told IIT today.

Continuing the school’s unique, or nearly so, approach to most things, our sources say that the actual teaching of classes will not change with this new proposal. Alongside the traditional liberal arts track currently taught, students will have the option of attending only Humanities classes, for instance, and receiving a WCC Humanities degree, only attending Latin classes for a Latin degree, and so on.

Coming to God’s Country – Majors

“Just like how we’re trying to balance Novus Ordo, Tridentine, and Byzantines communities with the liturgy schedule,” Cleanut continued, “we’re offering people the same option of only attending the type of classes they prefer.” No classes will be changed or added, however, which means that students who come to WCC for philosophy for instance, will attend PHL101,201,301, and 401 simultaneously, and repeat each four times over four years. “It’ll be a little different, rotating and repeating courses, but that’s who we are out here in God’s country,” Cleaut argues.

The ELP course, however, is already looking to be the most popular track of these new offerings as it will include at least six weeks in the wilderness every year, each participant doing COR and Winter Trip again as part of these. Even better for some, classroom ELP classes under this degree will carry no need or even reason to attempt integration of them with anything else in the curriculum.

Go to to learn more about these new degree offerings, available beginning in the Fall 2020 semester

There will be no Gymnopoetics degree offered, but a degree in professional dating is “in the works” according to a source familiar with Student Life Office discussions.