Lander, WY – Although it has been long rumored that he is secretly attending Wyoming Catholic College, Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is officially coming to WCC to present as part of the school’s annual all-school lecture series. Though his progressive, left-wing, democratic socialist background might seem to make coming to WCC out of character, both Bernie and the school are open to debate, discussion, and freedom of thought . “Socialism and the Wyoming Experience”, the topic for his upcoming presentation 7pm ,February 7th, 2020 at the Inn at Lander, is a philosophical exposition revealing what actually underlies the WCC curriculum. All are welcome and the venue is already expected to be at or near capacity.

Here’s more on Bernie’s topic [his own summary]:

Applied socialism may seem to have little to do with Wyoming, its cowboy culture, foundation in Western as opposed to Bolshevik philosophies, and little connection with the European democratically socialist success countries. But as Socrates once said that the perfect city “should be ruled by a golden class of guardians” and as Wyoming is shown in its truest form in Owen Wister’s The Virginian, there is a deep penetrating unity between socialism and the Wyoming experience. Through proper contextualization, socialism in its purest form, there is a way forward to peace, justice, and truth for the good of the community as a whole. Come here a vision of unity between the intellectual and the political, between the state and the philosopher, how absolutely massive tax rates and experiencing the burn bring you and your socially constructed household to the good, true, and beautiful.

For more information contact Abel Mazzio at the WCC Office of Intellectual Advancement and Controversy.

It has also been reported by various WCC office sources that Bernie is being considered for a teaching position at the school in Latin and Political Philosophy for the coming year should he not be elected president.