Lander, WY – Local Wyoming Catholic College junior Anthony Jones has officially declared his intention to run for the U.S. presidency as a Republican in the 2036 election. Head of the WCC Cowboys for Life pro-life club, a major political commentator on the Anthony Jones Show, and a top adviser to multiple U.S. senators, it’s only natural that he would consider actually running for the top job, and is already seen in a recent IIT sponsored national poll as “a high quality, qualified candidate”.

Anthony is waiting until 2036 only due to his young age as the constitution still requires candidates be at least 35, but interest in his candidacy is already still high that several sophomores are choosing the topic of whether the minimum age requirement for the US presidency should be lowered as their political oration topic. The wait will give him plenty of time to prepare, and fund-raise with a planned political action committee Cowboy Connections and further opportunity to build name recognition as he will work at the Pentagon this coming summer with a position on the National Security Council.

Anthony’s current positions

Announcing in a packed presentation Thursday in his school’s Augur Building, Anthony promised to bring “an to end to abortion, bring reason and philosophy back to a rule, and bring about the ideal city best described by Plato’s Republic.”

Interestingly the candidate, who officially filed with the Election Board and the Republican party the same today to declare his candidacy, also announced a slogan and picks for Vice President and cabinet positions.

Jill Cook, a WCC freshman, will be his running mate as she’s pretty much a “political apprentice already”, sophomore Jack Swindell will head the Army, junior Ceily Daly will be Secretary of War, sophomore Joseph Nemec will be Attorney General. Andrew Matthews, a sophomore will be his pick for the head of Social Security, Michael Rose, a senior, for the Department of Labor, junior Kevin Milligan will be head of a Department of Milligan’s he hopes to create, sophomore Matthew Kubisch will be commerce secretary and Louisa Whitmore will be head of the department of the interior according to interviews with his current campaign staff members.

Let’s Live American is currently his campaign slogan, his campaign manager Janelle Witzaney told IIT today, but this is “preliminary and could change over the next sixteen years” she added.

Though preliminary polling conducted by the Jones campaign is “highly positive” and Jones has “50% plus approval already”, he’d prefer to win in an “absolutely massive manner” Janelle related, which means “he’ll have to answer some criticism that has already emerged”, such as his entire campaign staff being Canadian”. “An American campaign should be American” President Donald Trump tweeted today in response to Jones’ announcement, and although he “personally like(s) Jones”, says this “is a very horrible and losing decision to make”.

Anthony Jones may also face competition from a classmate, as sophomore Andrew Russell, also at Wyoming Catholic College, is also considering running for the presidency and appears to already have a campaign website and an intriguing “laughter-first” campaign and policy approach.

Learn more about Anthony Jones at his website