In the midst of the smallest section reshuffle in history, the only person to be moved between sections amongst the sophomores this spring demonstrated a very underreported point. WCC has finally admitted that Ellen and Ezekial are dating. After a semester of either forgetting, not noticing, or somehow 

After somehow missing them in putting together last semester’s section even as they had begun dating the preceding spring, the two were placed together in every class. Since WCC usually keeps dating couples apart, this was something of a surprise to many, but the two handled the situation well, demonstrating to the community how to date and study at the same time, so well in fact that they were the only sophomore couple to stay together for the entire semester.

Ellen was moved to another section to separate the two this semester, (except for Math where they somehow both ended up with Olsson) as is the school’s regular custom, but it seems pressure by upperclassmen couples forced them into admitting something they either knew all along or that something else happened, something worse.

What took so long? Not that I/we/IIT want to keep Ellen and Ezekial apart, who nevertheless now have an abundance of time to study together, but it’s the school’s custom to do so, and customs aren’t usually broken at WCC. Was it interference, someone adjusting the planned sections to put them together last fall and the school finally got wind of it? Was it failure of the school’s otherwise frighteningly precise intelligence services?

Whatever it was, we need to look into it more as a community. Not for the sake of spitting up  couples, no. Not because I have anything against Ellen or Ezekial. But for the sake of the community as a whole, our sacred traditions within that community, and the rule of law.

Who knows, if we drop the adherence to this one tradition through similar “incidents” lets call them in the future, we may find ourselves as a school making women run around Frassati on their birthdays. Imagine that → and fear it.