Omnsiciens has the perfect solution to the slump in your studies you know is coming after one too many papers, speeches, and discussion assignments. Rather than waste away in a corner of the Baldwin Library, wander the halls aimlessly, or spend to much time at the Pequod when it’s officially “open”, why not do something with your utilitarian friends that’s just as meaningful and might actually help you think?

His solution is in stores now and its called, Euclid: The Game. It’s a fast-paced math game, board game, card game, and paper version of all rolled up into one. Coming in one 100% unrecycled package, Euclid: The Game is 100% phantasm free forcing you to use your rational powers to their fullest. When you buy Euclid: The Game, you’ll start wanting to study before you even get back to your dorm, it’s that powerful.

The secret is an invisible and un-sensible mathematical form within the box that’s able to act directly upon your intellect in relation to your mathematical ability. Those who are math wizards already are sharpened even more. The special help of intellectual light from God or an angel also helps you to get the much needed “intellectus” to win the game, but it’s not specifically necessary as all your actions in the game, as in reality, have God as a principle or cause.

Available now for only $19.99

You might be wondering how you play it. That’s easy, you do it. I can’t say more, it’s just too much beyond the power of mere words to describe. Why don’t you just try it yourself.

Critical Acclaim:

I use Euclid The Game with my students all the time. It’s so powerful, they don’t even know it’s a game. They call it Math Class.

Dr. Stanley Bolson (Wyoming Catholic College)

Ever wonder how JP, Au, and I are so good at those conquer the world board games we play? It’s simple, Euclid The Game. We play it, we get smarter, we play some more, and then we crush at every other game.

The Omnisciens

Did you know that 99% of people don’t know the square root of two to more than twelve digits? That’s a travesty, and that’s why I reccomend Euclid The Game to all my patients. It doesn’t help your memory, doesn’t help your imagination, doesn’t even help your cogitation. But it does wonders for your reason. Waltz off and play it and you’ll be seeing the square root of two in your dreams, even though you won’t know any more digits than anyone else.

Dr. Denuerable (Golden Rule Medical Centre, Irkutsk, Russia)

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