Lander, WY – With only virtual student life to manage at present, Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) has yet announced a new director for the school’s Student Life Office. As announced Thursday, Colin McCarty, the current school director of advancement, will take over the school’s central planning authority beginning May 1st from the current director Hildegard Remslah, who “will stay on part time to assist the office but needs more time to take care of her family.”

McCarty, a former nuclear engineer for the U.S. Navy, is well-known and liked among students already, having audited several sophomore classes already since he came to WCC in 2018. Known as the “fun uncle” or “Funcle” to his closest friends, he and his family are already very much a fixture of the school’s community life already and student’s like Texas sophomore Rubigo, who yelled “YAAAAAS” at the news, are extremely excited.

Several known hard-liners such as Maryland junior Alexa Cervensic are “mildly concerned” that Funcle will be “less of a law and order leader than some of his predecessors,” judging off of reports that he was a “risible rider” during horsemanship last semester and close friendships with many current students. “But we’ll give him a chance,” Alexa commented. “His Navy background is a bit of hope.”

Since the Student Life Office oversees nearly every aspect of student’s lives at WCC, Colin will have powerful control to shape experiences, direction, and focus as director both directly and through the officers he appoints, prefects and tutors, for example. In particular with new prefects for the next academic year to be announced in the next few weeks, preliminary ideas of the direction he’ll be leading towards is just as near on the horizon. Given numerous photos of them together, (as above) McCarty’s ascendency could give a further boost to top-five candidate Andrew Russell, who according to IIT sources matches his personality 87%.

McCarty has not yet spoken publicly since yesterdays’ announcement, but a virtual press conference is planned for Sunday afternoon where “he will comment on his vision and plans for the school’s future student life” according to a high-ranking administration official with close ties to the Student Life Office.

Colin’s been virtually welcomed by many already as with this poster virtually hung in all student “e-mailboxes”: