Lander, WY – The virtual everything trend across the country has not spared Wyoming Catholic College where Dr. Dziad this week hosted his virtual open house with “a virtual wood stove, some virtual stringed instruments, virtual sweets, and a virtual baby”. Virtual online classes are going about as well as would be expected for a school with a technology policy like WCC, or at least that’s what official statements say. Slow internet connections (at least relative to demands), a slow adaptation of students to using technology, and antsy audiovisual dilemmas, have led faculty members to “complain daily about everything” as one high placed staff member in school administration told IIT. However, this isn’t the full story, further sources have told us here at IIT. An outward appearance of naivety and ignorance is just that, merely an outward appearance while within, school officials involved in the all-enveloping conspiracy still under investigation by IIT are “taking full advantage of the situation” to expand “mass-surveillance” activities of students, Lander, and much of the world.

Dr. Stanley Bolson, head of the Mathematics and Scientific Reasoning programs at WCC, is head of the “Operation Pequod” as the project is named, which aims to” turn the increased online presence of students during this time into actionable intelligence” for the OLP Research Programs” according to our source. 

Exactly how this data is being collected and what it is being used for are vague as we still don’t know exactly how deep the Canadian/Spartan infiltration of WCC (and Lander/Sinks Canyon, which we presume is the reason they have infiltrated WCC) is, and exactly who is involved, as there still is a real side to Wyoming Catholic College with some students/faculty/staff not involved in the conspiracy. What we do know, however, are what we can presume are some of the outcomes of “Operation Pequod”. 

Is this what the schools been ramping up with everyone gone? Proof they know more about technology than they want to admit.

Here are just a few that have been noted over the past few days.

  • Online video classes “give the school unprecedented high-definition viewpoints into students’ homes” according to our source, with the data obviously recorded for later analysis. What most don’t realize, however, is that the platform used by the school for classes, is not the same as which everyone else is talking about. “It’s a near-exact replica of the real version but every student had to install it, and it’s built for constant surveillance whenever the computer is running.” And just like the real Zoom, there’s thus an equally opportune window into students’ lives, communications, and homes.
  • Dorms are abandoned and locked. Or so has been said. Could there be something more going on there with the perimeter security fence being built right now?
  • Or how about the request for personal videos for a “competition” they call “A Day in the Life”. Do we really think, are we really confident that: “Please send me stories and images of your strange new lives in all their peculiar splendor” doesn’t contain or mean something more? What are they going to do with all that of intelligence data collected on students’ families? It just seems like to golden of an opportunity to keep tabs on students to be coincidental that they’re asking for it.
  • IIT agents in Lander can confirm that several shipments of surveillance micro-camera were delivered to the college, pointing to a rapid increase in surveillance capacity once students return.

And those students, even at a distance, are getting suspicious that this forced isolation is covering up a further increase in intelligence gathering capabilities by the school as it becomes more and more of a police state, as a senior Peter Merrimee warned in his oration two months ago. Marcus Gardner, a junior from Virginia commented that “the timing is just too suspicious, right after Peter threatened to expose their operations. Rather than admit to it, they tried to shut him down and then accelerated their plan by getting us out of the picture for a while.”

We’re still investigating, and you can visit our conspiracy page for updates, but there’s definitely something up.