Much to the surprise of the students at Wyoming Catholic College, the Academic Dean, Dr. Whatshoes, has announced the addition of video gaming to the curriculum at Wyoming Catholic College. In a recent interview with IIT, Dr. Whatshoes explained his reasons for the change in curriculum.

IIT: What were your reasons for adding Video Games to the Curriculum? I mean what brought you to this decision?

Dr. W: Over the last few weeks and months with the recent dispersal of our students into the world far away from the sheltered community of Wyoming Catholic College it became increasingly obvious that the students needed a new way to build a campus culture, virtually. So the curriculum committee proposed gaming. Of course, I immediately turned it down as the obviously ridiculous idea that it was. Or so it seemed at the time, but when Dr. Zimmer proposed gaming as a substitute for outdoor education it was necessary to reconsider the idea.

IIT: How does gaming substitute for outdoor education?

Dr. W: Video games fulfill the course goals for ELP, obviously: Humility and Wonder, Imagination, Teamwork, Working Together, Developing Skills, or whatever it is they learn in ELP.