Lander, WY – Irkutsk Ice Truckers is proud to announce the launch of a free online encyclopedia for its friends at Wyoming Catholic College: WCCLE…the WCC Encyclopedia. Reflecting the first experience of every student here at WCC, when they went on the three-week backpacking expedition known as COR in one of six groups known as WCCLEs, our new online service WCCLE gives you instant information, fascinating facts, and continuously growing insight. Visit today at and learn the truth about such matters as the WCC greaseman, the nuclear research facilities in Sinks Canyon, and a whole lot more to come.

WCCLE is free at

WCCLE uses the groundbreaking MediaWiki technology you’ve probably heard of that runs Wikipedia, but rather than rest with the superficial as Wikipedia does and run off wild and crazy with political viewpoints that would please any random NOLSey, WCCLE is made for WCC students by WCC students (with a little help from IIT servers and a bit of our tech staff).

Visit today, edit today, or write to to get a page added on your favorite topic.