Lander, WY – In keeping with the shortened semester this year at Wyoming Catholic College, the school will also be shortening what is typically a week of final exams so that they will all take place rather within a single day. “Get er done is what I always say,” says school student life representative Mary Detsagah about the decision “Don’t worry about having the stress of finals for a week. Be stressed for only a day and get er done.”

All five or six finals for each class will be held on November 24th, the last day of classes at WCC this semester, and it will remain a regular class day, with students just fitting in taking five three hour finals spread out throughout the day in and around normal classes. “Don’t worry about skipping classes for the sake of taking finals. Just skip them,” Mary adds. “They will be marked as absences, but at least you will have gotten your finals over with.”

Two or three papers are also assigned to each class and due on the same day, according to IIT reports. These may be a surprise to some students and are in fact to many school officials as well, as it was not in the original plan to have so many papers assigned on that day. But the simple explanation is that “just about every professor accidentally gave out the wrong paper prompts” at some point during the semester, “and students just have to make up the difference and write the correct paper this weekend.”

There are also five outdoor trips going out for the weekend, including two overnight backpacking trips as well as an all-school lecture Monday night, and a set of football, foosball, and baseball tournaments going on over the weekend as well.

“I might be a little busier than usual,” commented IIT staff reporter Alfred Pozno on how the weekend appears to be shaking up to be.