Students of WCC’s three clans, the cowboys, poets, and philosophers compete during 2019’s QuisQuid.

Lander, WY – Students at Wyoming Catholic College are launching a fourth “clan” to go along with the current groupings, poets, philosophers, and cowboys, into which all students are divided when they attend the school. “Let’s be clear,” says junior Everett Polinski, “Truckers are kinda like cowboys, but they most definitely are not the same, they need their own clan to compete in QuisQuid or Ludi, they need their own plaque to record their victories, they need their own king.” He proposes that the school add “Truckers” as a fourth grouping of students, with himself as head until “adequate reapportionment occurs”.

Senior Sophia Donaldson agrees with Everett, “some students just don’t fit into the current trianry classification system that’s ruled WCC for its entire existence. Some students just aren’t philosophical and don’t like horses or poetry. Some students just aren’t being represented well with our narrow system of categories.”

Neither school nor cultural officials have yet commented on Everett’s plan, although a recent graduate tells IIT that “Everett can’t just unilaterally start another clan. You can’t just change tradition on a whim because you don’t happen to like it.” The graduate adds that “adding another clan would require the approval of every single student who’s ever been here at the school, and that’s a practical impossibility.”

Everett still plans to press ahead and has the support of numerous freshmen who don’t like way they are shunted into groupings this year as well as several upperclassmen who don’t like where they were assigned either.