Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College juniors have a music reflection paper due by the end of the day today. Lengthwise it’s not difficult at all although conceptually it’s probably the Class of 2022’s most difficult challenge yet. But that hasn’t stopped Omnisciens from once again going for a power move. Rather than just writing a paper to answer the prompt, he’s created a full oratorio that sets his argument to music with both aria, recitative, and chorus sections. Running for 30 minutes when performed, Omnisciens performed the piece all by himself in lieu of the paper although he argues that “it still technically fulfills all its requirements.”

Even as nearly everyone else is still struggling to understand the prompt, and have been just as bewildered about it for the entire semester, Omnisciens, according to IIT reports, has a deep enough knowledge of the subject that his paper includes and connects to such far-reaching topics as the hypouranium plain, the numinous, antipartiuclar domestication of demonstrable first derivatives, and subconjugate participles.

Louisa just wrote a book on music for her paper.