Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College’s “practical” course, the Experiential Leadership Program (or ELP) will have to me modified slightly for the “post-COVID-19 priorities” sources within WCC administration tell IIT. “Some of the charts used for the course are just horribly outdated,” Dr. Dazed, head of the course, reportedly admitted in a faculty meeting discussing the course. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, for one, is obviously missing its very lowest section, toilet paper. “So it would be a genius idea and really great idea if we updated that to make ELP more true in addition to being just more practically helpful.”

“We’ll also have to modify the Leadership Styles activity, since introvert/extrovert is such an outdated concept, totally replaced by a sliding scale of how afraid you are of other people. People oriented versus goal oriented doesn’t make much sense either. Maybe we’ll put in outdoor oriented versus couch oriented there? But that would seem to be making some of the leadership styles morally superior to others,” he mused. “We’ll have to do some research.”

Even as most students appreciate the new “reading packet” format for ELP rather than the older “binder-method” there are major groups of students who also want the binder brought back, a change Dr. Dazed says “is possible but not high on the agenda, as we also have to consider where to put games like “who can squeeze the most hand sanitizer out of can”, “who can run away from other people the fastest” and “who’s not afraid to be in the same room as a freshman” games into the courses somewhere. There’s a lot to do, and the changes in ELP, while necessary, may be phased.”

Some of the school’s Humanities professors also want to modify HMN201 to have student’s read Covid’s Metamorphoses’ instead of Ovid’s.