The seemingly innocuous WCC logo.. But dig a little deeper and you find references to the Milligan family hidden all over it.

Lander, WY – A mystery seemingly directed and originating at the heart of the largest family attending Wyoming Catholic College was unveiled today when several of IIT’s analyst agents happened to come across secret hidden messages within WCC’s very logo. Innocuous and unassuming at first, WCC’s logo in fact contains, according to their discovery, all sorts of hidden messages referencing the Milligan family as well as plans at “domination”

The first two anomalies that caught people’s attention

“They’re hard to see,” says WCC senior Sophia Donaldson, one of those who discovered what she calls “anomalies”. But continuing, “However, they can’t be accidental,” she adds. Extremely high magnification of one part of the school’s logo uncovered first the two words “For Grem” amidst the blur of the base of a mountain found on the logo. Near it, harder to see, actually much harder, is the word “Milligan” in grey, incredibly hard to discern.

“This made us dig a little deeper,” Sophia added, “And we found a whole bunch more.”

“Milligans” visible in faint grey lettering

Three more so-called anomalies were discovered by our team’s analysis of the WCC logo, including the phrases “Milligans Forever”, “Milligans Will Conquer” and “Canada’s A Myth” all in incredibly small, hard to discern fonts only visible in the highest-quality versions of the logo under high magnification.

3 more “anomalies”

“While it’s obvious that the Milligan family has something to do with this, we don’t particularly have any idea what these messages mean,” our intelligence correspondent Alfred Pozno comments. “Obviously they wanted these messages to be visible, but not obvious, so it obviously makes you start thinking about the mafia, secret societies, and the like. But at this moment we just can’t say anything more about the why, what, or how of these.”

Interest has been sparked already today for deeper analysis into exactly what else might be represented or signified by the WCC logo while some students are also asking for a closer eye to be trained on exactly what sort of influence the many Milligans do have on WCC administration and the school in general.

“There’s obviously something fishy going on a this school,” Alfred comments. “The Milligan New Deal didn’t come out of nowhere, that’s for certain. And there certainly are a lot of them.”

Several students, in investigations of their own today, have already claimed to have discovered other messages and signification in the logo. For example, the font it uses is the same as that used in promotions for the Milligan’s favorite movie, The Mummy, the mountain scene on the left of the logo corresponding to a mountain in New Hampshire that looks exactly the same on the logo as it does from the Milligan’s home. Further, the “W” in Wyoming is “M” upside down, which could stand for Milligans, while the “C” in both Catholic and College seems to imply a certain grasping, power, or control exerted by someone over something. Even the dove in the logo is exactly the same in appearance as one found in the Milligan family crest while the various areas of shaded lightness and darkness in the logo form the words “Milligan”, “conquer”, and “domination” in various projective geometry variations on a combination of Chinese pictograms and Egyptian hieroglyphs.”