Yeah, Sparta’s also still a pretty big threat

Okay, this seems slightly weird because Google doesn’t reveal anyone else putting the facts together in the same way I am, but I feel like the way I’m reasoning is so obvious that it just has to be true. Take Socrates, a noble philosopher, someone who gave his life to demonstrate that he stood by what he said. A man who respected the law and the state so much as to die unjustly because the state saw him as a criminal.

Yep, Socrates was a good citizen

But not for Athens. It’s just too glaringly obvious in looking at the way he faces death that he knows he’s not actually going to die that he isn’t and never has been who he’s been saying he was. When reading all those dialogues where Socrates supposedly claims that he “just couldn’t buy off the guards”, that he “would never consider such a thing”, etc. etc…  It’s nothing but obvious to me from these dialogues that Socrates was also the world’s top liar. 

For Socrates was a good citizen, and a good spy, who knew he could always manipulate himself out of trouble, thumb his nose at the leading citizens of Athens, and escape while being hailed as a heroic martyr by everyone. For Socrates wasn’t an Athenian, but a top operative for Sparta. He was head of the Sparta Intelligence Council (S.I.C.) and head of their secret military forces  that Sparta later used to help overthrow the Roman Republic and aid in the rise of Julius Caesar

By the way, Socrates is still around and runs Grem Imp. Inc., Sparta’s front organization. that they hide their current ambitions behind, the platform behind which they currently run most of the world.

Isn’t it obvious? 

Why wouldn’t Socrates have faked his death and fled to Sparta. He was always cutting down Athens anyway, and supporting the Spartan way of life. (Look at his idea of the ideal government in the Republic, its precisely Sparta!)

What did Socrates call himself? A philosopher. What was that other than an excuse to get up close to everyone, make fools of them, as he did all the time, and sneak out of prosecution for all that he was doing? Look at him! Look at all his heinous and impious speech about Athens and its gods, all he was doing to corrupt the  youth, to make them question their motives, their support of Athens, their support of their rightful fatherland. Socrates had the perfect cover. His claim running through all his conversations that “he knew nothing”, his “Do you know what justice is?”, his seeming desire to just know, all of that, all was part of his cover as Sparta’s top agent, tasked with destabilizing and corrupting its rival from within.

Socrates’ military service? What a joke! He was always just standing in one place late at night and staring off into the distance. Or so it appeared. What better way to cover up signalling to the enemy. What about the fact that he didn’t even fight but merely stood around during Athens’ battles?

Maybe this is Socrates’ latest disguise?

Socrates is not the man we’ve been conditioned to think he is. And its also obvious why we’ve been duped for so long.

Socrates is still around. Sparta is still around. Socrates bought off the Athenian guards, fled to Sparta, and enacted their secret undercover plan for world domination, a plan that is still in operation. 

Sparta controls technology. They developed a real life fountain of youth with help from their alien contacts, and Socrates has used that to stay alive. They run the newspapers, the media, the internet, scholarship and academics round the globe. They’ve staged the Civil War, the World Wars, terrorist attacks around the globe, and even run local mobs and gangs worldwide.

Hey I wouldn’t even be surprised if they actually run WCC, come to think of it. We talk about Socrates in such a positive way around here, its almost as if Socrates designed our curriculum. 

Socrates and Sparta have always been a threat and still are. Socrates might have said some nice things during his “official” lifespan, things we would agree with, things we should actually agree with. But we need to stop listening to the lies of the official story and reveal the man really behind the curtain. 

Socrates never died… at least, that is, yet! The final confrontation with he and his allies is still in the future.