Lander, WY – The Wyoming Catholic College Student Life Office, in a surprisingly unexpected decision this week, announced sweeping changes to the student dress code. Floral decorated shirts are now banned completely from campus, as are wearing capes, Batsuits, jetpacks, and wearing sandals in Frassati Hall, but the more interesting changes from an Irkutsk Ice Truckers (IIT) perspective are what the school is now allowing students to wear.

According to an interview with Mary Detsegah, the events coordinator for the Student Life Office at WCC, the school is “now unilaterally permitting” students to wear IIT t-shirts at all times on campus, including during classes. “We think they up the intellectual atmosphere on campus and provide a nice upward kick to any and every conversation,” she added. “But the real reason we’re permitting students to wear them is that professors go around wearing them all the time. We’d ever have to set a double standard for students and professors or we’d have to dress code professors (gasp) for wearing them, so we thought we might as well just let everybody have them.”

School officials are still deep into discussions currently as to whether professors must be held to the same standard as students more generally as well as whether the garments of a medieval knight are fully dress code compliant.

Currently, IIT is out of stock on IIT t-shirts, but if you’re interested in acquiring one, write to us at and we might set up another order soon.