Auto-scrubber floor cleaning devices capable of cleaning up to 20,000 square feet an hour

Lander, WY – Seniors of the Wyoming Catholic College Class of 2021 have purchased five “Auto-Scrubber” mopping devices for campus janitorial staff as their “class gift” to the school. Capable of cleaning up to 20,000 square feet of hard surfaces per hour, which is multiple times the speed of most of the school’s current janitors and simulatenously of giving floors a deeper streak-free clean, the purchase of the devices would have been an absolute “no brainer” for the school except for the high expense, with most of the devices costing as much as thousands of dollars apiece. 

“But the seniors love us,” Anna Trebucs, a sophomore janitorial supervisor told IIT. “And with their giving us five of them we’ll have the resources to give them a squeaky clean campus in time for their graduation.”

“Freshmen, however, still have a lot of bad habits,” another member of the janitorial (and IIT) staff complained to us. “They like scuffing up the floors, throwing their stuff around everywhere and then complaining about it to everyone on all school emails whenever it gets lost. They also seem to absolutely love smudging up windows and grinding food into the carpets. But at least we’ll have the time and resources now to clean up after them,” he said, half-brightening up. “Thank you, Seniors! At least, regardless of what you turned DeSmet into, you’re a little better than the freshmen and actually care about a clean campus.”

Seniors of the Class of 2021 had also considered purchasing new classroom tables for the school that aren’t falling apart, but according to one class spokesman, “they wouldn’t last with the way freshman and professors sit and jump on top of them, so we decided to go with a gift more durable and more useful.”

The tradition of each graduating class at Wyoming Catholic College giving a parting gift to the school community as they leave dates back all the way to the school’s first graduates of the Class of 2011. Recent classes have given gifts to the school ranging from giving Parker Eidle himself to the school as a school mascot all the way to a down payment on funds for investigating the cause of canonization for John Senior to salt shakers for the school’s dining hall.