As you all may likely know, Wyoming Catholic College bestows a number of awards upon certain graduating seniors for such things as best representing the goals of the WCC community, living the most well-balanced life, contributing to the Spiritual life of students, contributing to music on campus, highest academic performance, etc. But since we’re the officially unofficial WCC news source we thought it was time for us to offer our own version of these same awards and we’re doing so right here and now.

First and foremost, our Favorite Senior Award goes to Michael Rose of Texas. Well loved by all, very well loved by most, and by a good majority “absolutely massively” loved, Michael is generally everybody’s favorite senior.

Michael also won the Senior that Most Want to Adopt into their Class Award, a prestigious distinction that shows he is loved so much, that most people would want him to be around them all the time, as in adopted into their class. Whether the recipient actually can do so, or even would want to is not the point of the award, but merely illustrates how much people wish Michael was in their class.

Our WCC School Mascot award goes to Parker Eidle of Pennsylvania. Often known as Pako, Parker is literally the glue, the spirit, the symbol, of the Wyoming Catholic College community, and like Michael and so many others of the Class of 2020, will be sorely, sorely missed. If the school was hiring a school mascot, we’d heartily throw everything behind Pako!

The Business Award goes to Ian Whitmore of Texas. Ian is an incredibly successful business entrepreneur, stock trader, and investor, and his ingenious idea of investing the quarters that constitute laundry money at the apartment dormitories rather than using them to wash clothes has paid off very well for him. We look forward to Ian leading a worldwide corporation before he’s 30 and even, we hope, being successful enough to buy out NOLS!

The Eligible Award goes to Brigid Daly of California for making the strongest and most successful finish to four years in the Wyoming Catholic College dating and eligibility culture. Congratulations Brigid. 

Finally, the Truth Over Facts Award goes to Paul Merimee for his stunning exposure of the conspiracies afoot in the Lander community during his senior oration. Striking for freedom Paul you blew us all away! Thznk you.

And as a bonus, the [details redacted] Award goes to Ryan Alexander. Sorry, but we can’t explain this award. Secrets and all that. We hope you understand!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 at Wyoming Catholic College! We look forward to seeing many of you around Lander this summer and staying in contact with you all!