There isn’t just one curriculum at WCC. There are dozens of majors here!

An opinion from Jeff Sarvis, a current freshman at WCC of the Class of 2024 (originally of the Class of 2020)

It’s long been said that Wyoming Catholic College doesn’t have majors. That is a lie. Just like the idea that you’re sitting next to someone at Mass means you’re getting married to them next week. It’s really just that you’ll be marrying them within a year.

But majors. Everyone for some reason seems to think that there is one set curriculum at WCC that everyone does. One set of courses, one set of assignments, one set of professors. At WCC everything, everything, is supposedly standardized and the same for everybody.

The truth however is that that the WCC curriculum is only what you make it to be for yourself. Sure there is an official set curriculum. But no one “majors” in the “curriculum.” No one does there homework anyway at WCC. Truly being a WCC student isn’t predicated on your having done the homework. If anything a primary qualification of being a WCC student is NOT doing your homework. The life of the truly virtuous WCC student was best put to me by a freshman recently as “None of the homework, all of the fun.” 

What do you really spend your time on at WCC? What do you do for “fun” (keeping in mind that there are multiple senses of fun). That’s what makes your major. What do you spend the most time doing after that thing? Whatever’s next is your minor. Or your dual-major. And since there are all sorts of activities at WCC, there are likewise all sorts of major and minors. Here are just a few.


Filling out Work Study time-sheets involves a lot of arithmetic. Yeah, that makes it a hobby for some people. Counting the number of people in church each day too. I’d call it a major.


Do you babysit a professor’s children on the weekends? That counts as at least a minor.


Baking is complicated. That’s why WCC brings in foreign experts all the way from Canada all the time to help run it. Doesn’t that make a major? Baking is a career so it also ought to count.

Bar Expertise

Yeah, that’s disguised speak for being a “know-it-all” about alcohol. Plenty of people spend enough time around the Lander Bar and the Pequod and Crux After Hours to call it their major.

Board Games

Play board games with John Paul? It counted as a Junior Leadership Project so it should also count as a major.


It’s an important skill and a senior teaches it… so.


Being Byzantine at WCC is a time commitment that approaches the total course load at many other colleges so it’s obviously a complete major. The only real question is whether it should be called just “Byzantine” or rather “Byzantine Studies”.


It appears on your transcript. Need we say more?

Choir Assistant

If you not only are a part of the choir but help Professor Hodkinson run and administrate the choir you have 2x the reason to call it a major. But for some reason, this is the one major that the professor running it, Hodkinson, doesn’t want people to graduate from.


There’s all sorts of logic, rules, and confusion to how to do it efficiently and effectively so cleaning well does fulfill the goals of the curriculum and should be definitely considered to be part of the curriculum


Yep, it’s a major if you do it enough. Current people with this major at WCC include Aidan, Louisa, Robert, and Ryan.


Yep you’re learning about more than just some dusty old books. You’re learning about another living breathing human being. I’d say that’s important knowledge.


Definitely Andrew Russell and John Malinoski’s major.


Go to the gym as much or more than Tom? That’s your major.

Outdoor Leader

Are you an outdoor leader and do you lead a lot of trips for the school. Certainly you spend enough time on it to get some credit for all your work, planning, and leadership experience.


Ok only Anthony Jones and Jill Cook are currently taking this one, but they definitely do act like they’re majoring on politics.

Pro-Life Studies

Same two people are double-majoring in Pro-Life Studies as well with Cowboys for Life.

And that’s just a few of the possible majors I’ve identified. I’m sure there are dozens more at WCC. So why doesn’t the school talk about them? 

Come to WCC! We have all kinds of majors.

An opinion by Jeff Sarvis, a freshman at WCC