LANDER, WY – Many Catholics are familiar with the various “trad” groups throughout the Catholic community. At WCC, it’s common to come across a member of the SSPX or the FSSP. Despite the occasional argument about Vatican II or the legitimacy of Pope Francis, the presence of the more reactionary traditionalists at WCC is a reality that is accepted. To an extent, it is an appeal to in-coming students.

Some outsiders, especially those of progressive or neo-Catholic views, are not too happy about the presence of “radical traditionalists” at WCC. Occasionally, people will pick up negative comments about traditionalists, such as them hanging on to “backwards” ways. But, the WCC community doesn’t let this get to them. The Latin Mass is loved here, and many appreciate the all-male altar servers and the prevalence of women wearing veils at Mass. The common opinion is that Catholic tradition is beautiful and to be preserved, especially against the tide of modernism and progressivism so rampant in the Church today. Likely the aspect of tradition that is at once the most beloved and the most controversial is the Tridentine Mass vs. the Novus Ordo Mass. Many here staunchly support the Latin Mass, and rhetoric about the Novus Ordo being less ideal or even “illegitimate” is not uncommon.

However, some students have taken a very extreme stance on this issue. Several members of the Class of 2025 have taken a stand against the spread of “toxic tradition.”

Meet the Brotherhood of Dorothy Day. A self-proclaimed “Novus Ordo Extremist Group.” Their motto is “Reject Tradition, Embrace Modernity,” and they have a bone to pick with those that support anything pre-Vatican II.

IIT interviewed their three leaders, who wished to remain anonymous, and went by the codenames “John XXIII”, “James Martin,” and “Paul VI,” all progressive-minded Catholics who these people idolize.

“The Tridentine Mass is a harkening back to times of oppression, inequality, and language-discrimination,” said John XXIII (far left in picture), “it is insensitive to non-native Latin speakers and not inclusive at all. We are fighting for the rights of those who don’t speak Latin to participate in Mass. Like, God doesn’t care what language you speak bro.”

When asked about traditionalist groups such as the SSPX and Sedevacantist groups, “James Martin” had these words to say:

“They are a threat to the Catholic Church, and hinder us from reaching a more inclusive and woke Church, which is what the Fathers intended it to be. In fact, in the Bible, Jesus isn’t very nice to people who cling to tradition, in this example the Jewish Law. Vatican I, the Latin Mass, and Tradition are just the modern-day equivalent of this.”

IIT’s last question is what the BoDD’s goals are and how they plan to accomplish this. Leader “Paul VI” closed with this:

“We have tried diplomacy, but these “rad-trads” have been so brainwashed by toxic tradition that we are willing to resort to more violent measures. We imagine a Church that doesn’t hinge upon language, race, creed or religion. We’ve recently received backing from the Muslim Brotherhood, and we are willing to achieve our objectively better reality by any means necessary.”

The Brotherhood of Dorothy Day is apparently here to stay at WCC, and is warning trad-Catholics to change their ways or face the consequences.

Per their request, they asked us to close this article with their group’s mission statement:

“We must secure a future for the Novus Ordo and the children of progressive Catholics. Reject Tradition, Embrace Modernity.”