Note: Everett Polinski was the founder of Irkutsk Ice Truckers (IIT) and its related enterprises in the fall of 2018 and the organization’s president until last June, when he supposedly failed Music 302, was expelled from WCC for various COVID protocol related violations, and then, having been banned and de-platformed from various social media sites, resigned from IIT and ran off into the Wind River Mountain range “to really find myself and potentially join the military, or maybe find love, or find a pet zebra, or something.” Everett hasn’t really been heard from since. Until now, that is, when it appears that he actually somehow managed to graduate from Wyoming Catholic College with the Class of 2022, and not just that, but actually may have won an award. Although he missed the graduation in person, he sent this message to his past colleagues at IIT which has continued to operate under new management.

Well, they all claimed I couldn’t graduate.

“He spends too much time writing satire and not enough on his real homework.”

“He never comes to class.”

“He got expelled.”

“He failed music, but should have failed everything. He never did any homework, ever.”

“I never saw him study. It was always that dang website of his or listening to music. He took nobody seriously, least of all himself.”

But I did. I was wandering through the Wind River Range for all of my class’s senior year, when it suddenly hit me. I didn’t need to gain a virtue of “seriousness” to be a “good” student at WCC and conform myself to one mold I could never be (like becoming as studious as Anthony in the way Anthony is studious) I just needed to start loving the education in the particularity of its assignments, one of them at a time, to fulfill its obligations as best as I could. And so, I began the work of catching up with the rest of my class, doing four years of schoolwork in one, while wandering through the Winds. I read three hundred pages a day, gave speeches to the birds, wrote papers and sent them to the professors by pigeon, finished all my required outdoor weeks out in the Winds in a month and a half, and got permission to count all this toward graduating. I wasn’t changing who I was. Yes, I was trying harder than I ever had been before, but I was doing it in an Everett way, which meant a lot of metal, a lot of laughing, and random meet-ups with backpacking WCC students who agreed to keep my continuing education a secret.

You see, I didn’t actually fail the Music course, get expelled for COVID violations, or run out of money. There’s a long long story about what happened that I can’t really tell right now. It involves… well, I can’t tell it, but I had to fake leaving the community to fix some errors in how I was approaching it as well as help the school through some community issues.

For that to work, it needed to feel like I had left, stopped writing satire, and stopped influencing the community. Best for them and best for me. It was a sad sacrifice to make. But it helped me become a much a better student, more on fire for the good of this education in not just its fun, but its fun as united to its virtue-inducing purposes.

And best of all, I got to graduate. Here’s a picture of the proof above. Somehow WCC decided that I, Everett Polinski was a model exemplar of how to live the WCC life in mind, body, and spirit. How is that? Again, my work of self-realization in my partially-faked departure made me realize that I have a lot further to grow.

But, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed starting a satire site, writing a bunch of fake papers, and some real ones eventually. And now that the formative adventure of WCC is done, most of all it having taught me that my pursuit of wisdom and fullness of life is only just beginning, I’ve decided to come back to Irkutsk Ice Truckers in a limited capacity.

Our new management team will continue to run the show, but I’ll be back to help take Irkutsk Ice Truckers and its sister projects WCCLEpedia and In His Order to the next level while launching some exciting new ones.

So keep on coming back to Irkutsk Ice Truckers. Keep on trucking, and keep on living.

May God bless you,

Everett Lohman Polinski
Graduate of Wyoming Catholic College – Class of 2022