It, and the related question of “What is a man” are the questions of the generation, as explored by new blockbuster films from the Daily Wire and the Babylon Bee each aiming to tackle these questions.

But IIT can do it in a page (or actually five times in a page). Here are the five best ways to tell the difference between men and women, curated especially for the lives of Wyoming Catholic College students.

1. Does the person in question live in any of St. Isaac’s, St. Benedict’s, St. John’s, St. Leo’s or St. Athanasius Dormitory? Or do they live in St. Gianna’s, St. Kateri’s, St. Scholastica’s, St. Joan’s, St. Agnes, or St. Theresa’s? If they live in the first set (unless it is during PEAK, in which case a St. Theresa’s resident would also be a man), they are a man, and if they live in the second set, they are a woman.

2. Did the person in question take their Freshman Expedition in the Absaroka Range or in the Wind River Range? Unless they are in the Class of 2024, they are a man if they backpacked in the Absarokas, and a woman if they backpacked in the Winds.

3. Does the person in question drink coffee or tea? If they drink coffee, there’s a 90% chance you are talking to a man, and if they drink tea, its a 90% chance that they’re a woman.

4. Does the person in question sit on the right or left side of the chapel during Compline and Prime? If they’re on the right side, man; if they’re on the left side, woman.

5. Is their room clean? If so, and unless they’re a resident of St. Theresa’s, they’re very likely to be a woman.

Well, there you have it. Five simple ways to tell the difference between men and women at WCC. We hope this helps you the next time you’re confused about such a pressing and confusing philosophical question.