Kiev, Ukraine – On the heels of an announcement that Wyoming Catholic College would enroll several Ukrainian students forced to halt their education because of the current war in their country comes a far bigger agreement just made between the Ukrainian military and the college. WCC’s Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) will soon take over “all training for the Ukrainian military by sending all of its incoming recruits and conscripts through an intensive set of outdoor experiences including the college’s twenty-one-day freshman backpacking expedition and weeklong winter expedition as well as having all incoming soldiers spend “a semester in the WCC community.”

Besides the obvious benefits in outdoor and technical skills gained from the courses, Ukrainian military recruits will learn a lot from being around WCC students, including gaining incredible juggling skills, useful for tossing grenades more accurately, wrestling skills from dorm raids, directly transferrable to hand-to-hand close combat, musical abilities, great for imitating bird-calls and distracting the Russians, practice in staying up all night, beneficial for battling at night.

“We’re so excited to receive the honor of training Ukraine’s heroic future soldiers,” commented the head of WCC’s Outdoor Leadership Program, Dr. Remmiz. “I always say, ‘I can deal with Russians, I can swing a hammer,’ and soon I, the OLP, and our college as a whole will be enabling the Ukrainians to be fully up to this task.”

In addition to training assistance, WCC will also be providing direct military and logistics aid, with an undisclosed amount of student-produced weapons and ammunition being delivered this month to the front lines as well as an agreement between the college’s wholly-owned business Crux Coffee and the Ukrainian military to provide all their rations for the next few weeks.

Russia, meanwhile, is reportedly attempting to send its military recruits for training at Thomas Aquinas College.