Members of the Class of 2026 and their families pack food for the 21-day trip and manage to drop much of it on the floor or throw it at each other in the process

Every year the hope briefly rises again: This year, this freshman class will finally be better than any that came before. This class will make WCC great again and bring back the glory days when legends like Scott Sergeant walked the earth. This class will finally know and respect basic rules of decency, decorum, and etiquette. This class will respect their elders, do their homework, have properly prepared for the 21-day trip, and leave space at the dining tables for seniors.

Every year the same hopes are raised. Many even claim for a few days at the beginning of the school year that the prophecies are coming true, that the freshmen are better, different, have transcended their lower nature to become mature students and citizens of the Wyoming Catholic College community.

But, every year, these claims are soon shown to be false. Freshmen are still freshmen and this year is no different.

If you’ve heard claims recently about the incoming Class of 2026, this is Irkutsk Ice Trucker’s annual reminder to you that they’re false, that the Class of 2026 are still freshmen at heart.

Don’t listen to the Russian disinformation telling you otherwise. And please report all cases of such rumors to the school’s director of student life. Such rumors hurt trust in government, the student handbook, and the proper social order, introducing instability, hatred, and discrimination against upperclassmen.

Fact-Check: The Class of 2026 are still freshmen.