Ramshorn Peak, WY – Even though they’ve only been in the backcountry for their 21-day expedition for only a few hours, freshmen men of the Class of 2026 have already gotten hungry enough to begin eating grasshoppers according to an IIT source in recent contact with them. Typically freshmen men on the 21-day expedition don’t start getting hungry enough to eat wild berries until the fifth day of their trip, mushrooms until eight days into the trip, and grasshoppers by the seventeenth day of the expedition, making days move by the freshmen of WCCLE 5 a new record.

“I’d say I got the cool kid WCCLE,” added Joey L’Sonio, an instructor for the group. “Not only did they start trying to eat everything within sight from the moment they got out of the car, but they started trying to worship an onion, make plans for military operations against the other men’s WCCLE, and even started composing a rap song about their first hour in the backcountry. I’d say we’re in for an interesting three weeks.”

“They’ll be backpack-farming by week three,” predicted co-instructor Patrick Ellis, speaking of a new, also hip trend among backpackers to pile dirt and plant crops on the tops of their backpacks.

Meanwhile, even as men are still projected to struggle hungrily through the intensive three week expedition that marks the beginning of each student’s time at Wyoming Catholic College, the women’s WCCLEs are still projected to come back loaded down with extra unneeded food.