Members of the Wyoming Catholic College Class of 2023 will reportedly each have to give an oration that lasts an entire day according to a leaked scheduling plan accessed by an IIT news correspondent investigator. Orations for the senior class will last from January 31st through March 3rd giving each senior their own day to shine with, reportedly, 12 hours of required speaking time and 12 hours of answering questions.

IIT analysts are still investigating why this change will be made, but it may have something to do with the tradition of the medieval knights, where, before being knighted, an aspiring squire would have to spend an entire day praying and kneeling in a church before the ceremony. “Maybe this plan has similar aims?” queried Samantha Lath, another IIT reporter also investigating this story.

Some have already questioned how it could possibly be reasonable to expect students, even seniors, to talk for so long, so IIT expects to see strong student pushback to this proposal.