Lander, WY – The class schedule at Wyoming Catholic College this year has “been adapted for student preferences this year” with “no classes until the afternoon” every day according to the WCC student life office. “Whether its for playing video games or discussing Aristotle, students like to stay up all night and we’ve finally developed a schedule for the school year that’s respectful of their lifestyle choices,” commented the school’s director of student life Dr. Pebble Luis. “Students can sleep in until 11 am or later every day,” Dr. Luis said, “with classes running from Noon until 3 pm and again from 4 until 7 pm. Dinner will be pushed back until 7:30 pm and curfew until midnight each day, finally allowing our students to partake in Lander’s rich nightlife. Please sleep in.”

“We’re giving you permission to be lazy, real lazy, and we hope–and think–that will make you a better student,” added the assistant director of student life, Remmiz Hart.