Lander, WY – Just exactly what Wyoming Catholic College students do with their time is a mystery to the outside world. Surprisingly, its even a mystery to the faculty and staff at WCC. But after years of the average student’s daily schedule remaining enigmatic, Irkutsk Ice Truckers’ researchers have managed to determine just exactly what the typical student does with their time and the answer may just surprise you.

7:30am Wake up to alarm. Roll over and fall sleep again.

7:55am Wake up again. Moan and bemoan today’s assignments.

8:00am Get out of bed. Ask roommate what the assignments are. Moan again. (If a woman, moan twice.)

8:05am Dig through the pile of clothes on your floor and throw on the first thing you find, which wasn’t washed in two weeks (man). Search through your wardrobe for ten minutes and ask your roommate for her opinion on what to wear (woman)

8:15am Exit dormitory. Look for ride downtown.

8:35am Secure a ride downtown.

8:40am Arrive at Frassati Hall and eat breakfast. Complain about assignments again for 20 minutes while eating breakfast.

9:00am Walk to Baldwin to meet friends and complain about assignments again.

9:05am Decide to take a smoke break before class. Stand outside and complain for another ten minutes.

9:15am Skim through the reading for your first class.

9:29:46am Enter Classroom C for your first class of the day.

9:30:00am Class begins. (unless it’s Dr. Grove

9:30:05am Fall asleep

10:50:07am Wake up to classmates leaving the classroom.

10:51am Walk to Augur for your next class.

10:52am Turn around and walk back to Crux Coffee. You need coffee. And another smoke break.

10:59am Start running back towards Augur.

11:03am Arrive late in Augur for your second class. Take seat next to professor and begin the “dreaded” reading for class in class.

11:24am Make eye contact with a woman across the room (man) or man across the room (woman)

11:25am The woman looks back (man) or man looks back (woman).

11:26am Wink at your friend seated next to you.

11:44am Talk in class for the first time . Your two words of wisdom: “I agree.”

12:20pm Class finally ends.

12:22pm Time to ask the woman you just made eye contact with out (man). Time to be asked out by the man who just made eye contact with you (woman).

12:24pm Walk towards Frassati Hall, thinking only about the overpowering workload you have for the day.

12:30pm Begin waiting in line for lunch at Frassati Hall. Complain about your next paper while you wait in line. Also, complain about your prefect. He/she spends too much time in your view enforcing the rules and not enough helping you break them.

12:34pm Get food

12:35pm Get a drink

12:36pm Get a donut

12:37pm Find a table to sit down at.

12:37:34pm Somehow you just found yourself on top of the table

12:41pm Julia asks you to sing the “Salve Regina”

12:46pm Finally, finding yourself done, you return to your table to finish your meal.

12:53pm Walk to the Baldwin Building. Check your mail and then quickly finish the reading for your next class.

12:59pm Smoke break

1:11pm Crux Coffee break

1:40pm Having read 22% of the reading for your next class, you feel extremely prepared and confidently walk, a whopping 5 minutes early to your class in Baldwin C. Wow, you are an amazing student, you think to yourself.

1:45pm Class begins. This time you have a great point to share: “I think I agree with Luca.”

2:35pm Still glowing from the amazing way this class went, its time to go back to Crux Coffee to celebrate.

2:58pm Fresh from Crux Coffee, it’s time to celebrate even more. How about a game of pool?

3:57pm After a really fun last hour, shoot, you forgot, work-study.

4:00pm-6:00pm Actions taken vary by work-study assignment.

6:00:03pm You run back to Frassati Hall for dinner.

6:02:05pm Welp, you’re in line, but it’s such a long line.

6:11pm Receive food.

6:13pm Discuss school politics over dinner.

6:24pm You hear an intramural shuttle announcement. Guess I’m gonna go, you think.

6:45pm Depart on Shuttle to Intramurals

7:00pm-8:30pm Intramurals

8:30pm Shuttle back to your dorm room.

8:35pm Guess I’ll be a good student again for a day, you think to yourself. You start a reading for tomorrow.

8:37pm Get distracted by chattering and excitement in the hallway.

8:38pm You determine that you should join the excitement.

9:55pm Excitement over, you return to your dorm room.

9:58pm Another excitement begins.

10:29pm Excitement finishes. Quickly now, you run back to your dorm, just in time for curfew and night prayer.

10:31pm Night Prayer

10:36pm Announcments, but not just Announcements: “Announcements, Announcements, Annoucements!”

10:38pm Jokes

10:39pm Nightly time for dorm members to share their updated relationship status.

10:41pm Decide this is a good night for a raid (men only most of the time except for the one time that C.D. got a good raid going among the women)

10:45pm Change into raiding costume (men only)

10:49pm March over to dorm you wish to conquer (men only)

10:50pm RAID!

11:23pm Trudge back to your dorm and discuss the success of your raiding strategy (men only)

11:33pm Shower.

11:55pm Finally, bed. Wow, not even midnight yet!

And that is what a typical day looks like for students at Wyoming Catholic College. Wow, they really get a long done and are incredibly studious.