San Francisco, California – Embattled CEO and owner of Twitter, Elon Musk has been searching for a new CEO of the social media giant he purchased less than two months ago after he polled users last week to determine whether he should step down from active day-to-day management of the organization.

And now, after a week of intensive searching and interviews of potential candidates from Donald Trump and Kanye West to Lex Fridman and Joe Rogan, Elon has finally found someone to whom he’s willing to relinquish control. And it’s from an unexpected place, small Catholic liberal arts school Wyoming Catholic College in Lander, Wyoming.

As Elon announced today on Twitter:

“I’ve decided to select Dr. Lavlos Papados of Wyoming Catholic College to head Twitter. Lavlos is an extremely active Twitter user and will know how to help raise this platform to the next level to become the true, open, public square of the world. Thanks Lavlos for being willing to take on this difficult job.”

Dr. Lavlos Papados is a professor of philosophy at Wyoming Catholic College and an active political commentator. Although a frequent Twitter user, he has never been considered a technology professional let alone “tech bro”, making his selection by Elon Musk for the Twitter top job seem from out of left field.

But Elon commented that Lavlos is “quite qualified.” He “teaches rhetoric, right,” he added. “Lavlos is great. Just look at his Twitter bio, “All the End of study is to make you a good Man and a useful Citizen.” Musk continued: “He’s all about being a ‘useful Citizen.’ Hey he’s my kind of CEO, I like Him.”

Lavlos will assume the role of CEO of Twitter on January 1st. As part of his takeover, Musk announced that Twitter will also move its headquarters from its current properties in San Francisco to Lander, Wyoming.

Musk is excited to have found someone to manage Twitter for him, as he has “far more important things to focus on, like tunnels, tunnels, tunnels, and Mars.”