Ordinary dorms just don’t cut it anymore. Well, to be honest, they never did.

Curfew, rules, prefects getting in the way of your blacksmithing. It’s all a hassle that ruins the true WCC experience.

So proclaims the founding members of the WCC Dorm of Permanent Revolution, a self-proclaimed revolutionary, rebel dorm, launching next semester without permission from the bourgeois administration of the college.

Led by an enigmatic and far older than average WCC student, a junior named Karl Marx, the group aims to seize the means of housing from the current dorm leadership and create a new dorm society focused on equality and the rights of the working student.

Under the leadership of prefect Karl Marx of course (not to be confused with Uncle Karl), the WCC Dorm of Permanent Revolution will share its sister dorms in common, avoid any signs of bourgeois distinction or rank, will not have a curfew, and avoid imperialistic military confrontations with other “worker’s republics” (what Marx calls the other dorms).

Further details of this dorm community vision are available in its printed vision book, authored by Marx and his close associate, sophomore Friedrich Engels.

“A spectre is haunting WCC, the spectre of the community of permanent revolution,” the vision document, titled The Communist Manifesto opens.

WCC administration does not currently fear this upstart movement, believing that the investigative body of the Student Life Office (SLO) and the police force FLEX will be enough to thwart any “crimes, insurrections, or other revolutionary misdemeanors contrary to the wishes of the school that might be instigated by this organization and its allies.”