The Wyoming Catholic College FLEX truck, “King Louis”, has now been driven 200,000 miles. That’s a lot of miles. So just where exactly has the FLEX crew been driving it.

The reason we wondered is that 200,000 miles is the same as doing lockup 100,000 times. That’s the same as locking up the WCC campus every day since August 20th, 1749. Since neither WCC, nor FLEX, nor even King Louis have been around that long, we think that FLEX has been using their official vehicle for other purposes.

What could these be?

IIT investigators painstakingly searched archived security camera footage from cities around the country looking for King Louis, and are ready to reveal just what FLEX has been doing with their truck.

  • 564 side trips to McDonalds at the tail end of lock-up.
  • 5,221 loads of cardboard to the dump
  • 1 trip to Coal Mine Road to rescue one stranded Austin Penny
  • 34,243 trips to ACE Hardware
  • 111 trips to Sinks Canyon (unknown reason)
  • 218 roundtrips to Riverton. (Picking up such items as curtains, paint, pool tables, couches, and ice cream cones)
  • 1 trip to
  • 3,561 times driven in a circle around Holy Rosary Church.
  • 44 loads of furniture back and forth between Augur and Baldwin during the years-long struggle to decide what to put where.
  • 8 ceremonial trips to carry graduating supervisors between their dorms and Baldwin in style.
  • 1 trip to Area 51 [CLASSIFIED]
  • 1 roundtrip to the legendary land where FLEX supervisors are born, Oregon.
  • 73 trips to Mr. D’s
  • 3 trips to Valley Lumber
  • 2 trips to Bloedorn Lumber (for stain only)

FLEX certainly goes on lots of adventures with their truck, right?