Image reportedly from this “event”

Lander, WY
Reports are new emerging about a raucous party last Monday at the hotel dorms. Upwards of twenty students reportedly attended, with loud noises, sharp “bangs” and raucous singing said to have occurred.

The party was broken up by St. Josemaria prefect Joel, and charges are rumored against the instigators of this “Christendom party” although their exact nature is still mysterious given that IIT finds nothing out of the ordinary with such entertianment. Aretari Polinski, a WCC Junior who attended reports that the attendees were “mainly freshmen rockers” and the purpose… for that he just said “most of them did not know why they had come together”.

Several students who attended claimed that it was nothing but a surprise birthday part for a freshman from Arizona, yet Dr. Zagorski of Timmy Treatments International thinks that there is more involved as a conversation from a Freshman “Theo-logy” class inspired this event.

It’s the closest thing to drugs that Catholics are allowed to do.” – Dr. Holmes on Ezekiel 1“I knew it!” -Blaise

Dr. Zagorski suggests the possibility that a bunch of freshmen rockers were just assembling to “do Ezekial” and the necessary drinking of refined beverages such as betawine and aquamir was just entertainment. He continues “They’re just freshmen rockers, having a good time. Why not have a symposium? And its even better if they’re allowed to ‘do philosophy’ together.”

James Green, a freshmen from Indiana attended the event, yet claims however that there was no philosophy, Ezekial, or betawine involved. “It was just Kathy’s birthday and two days before Lent, and we got to play with balloons, so why not go? Isabel was so nice to invite all of us.”

So was there anything to this party? Several upperclassmen and visitors to the town are asking for prosecution of the students involved “for disturbance of their inner muse” but James and others IIT interviewed at the party here vehemently disagree. The party was shut down, we know for sure, but the why is the question. Legal or not, crazy or quiet, something went on last Monday night at the hotel.

But will it bring the Class of 22 eternal memory in the WCC Student Handbook?
Only Spike knows!