This painting is actually a miniature that was unearthed recently on a tundra plain in an unknown location in Alaska. Faded and in poor condition, it none the less successfully portrays the young manhood of Sir Isaac Reynolds. Because of its condition, it is believed that this miniature was once worn around the neck of the man’s lover. Yet, as the neck, and indeed the rest of the body, of such a lover is still at large, we shall pass this idea as just a rumor.

Apparently preserved by some natural element, some claim it is due to the man’s face itself, this painting remains a mystery to the scientific world. Although the strokes of paint are a bit faded, the majestic grin that emanates from Sir Isaac’s face still comes through as bright as ever. Such a painting will add a special grace to the community, as well as doubtlessly bring many tourists.

The exact date this miniature was painted is still to be determined. Yet, such a masterpiece speaks of other paintings to be unearthed, so stay tuned.