Announcing “Avalanche – 3 Days of Freezing”
Continuing  the adventures of the freshmen rockers, Avalanche this time focuses six months after the terrors of the Tetons when the freshmen class, divided into eight groups for a winter expedition finds itself again in the mists of terror, freezing in an avalanche of doom and death as the divine, natural, human, and psycholgical combine for an experience like no other. 
 William, among the dead from the tragedies of that August, has been haunting Wyoming Catholic College for months, angry at those who accidentally were responsible for his death. Andrew has been living out his divinity yet has come in conflict with the goddess Janelle, while two students who by some stroke missed the terrors of the Tetons now find themselves key players in a new epic.
The Freshmen rockers are preparing again to go into the wilderness, yet this time into the dark chill of the coldest part of Wyoming, the Hinsterasha lands.
The Three Amigos
Bigfoot on the prowl
However, an angry Bigfoot, sore that he did not fully punish the invaders of his land, the “Lost Boys”, is coming for revenge. And William is with him, divine menas flowing, urgin him on. 

And even worse, Bigfoot is allied with Pakistani spies, who are based in Hinsterasha yet plan worldwide terror and more.

The eight groups of Wyoming Catholic College in the Hinsterasha wilderness have just entered a new vortex of terror where even Andrew may not be able to save. 
Can men then save themselves against the united human and divine powers against them? And will Bunny Bunny be restored to its proper diginity in Andreic worship? Can “Abe the Babe” and “The Three Amigos” save the day?
In theaters January 17, 2020, 

“They’re looking for a new god, because that’s what religions do”

Abe the Babe