As you’ve probably heard by now, WCC is opening an addendum to Crux that will serve: Ice Cream.

They’re looking for a name.
We’re looking for publicity.
Solution: call the place Irkutsk Ice Cream or Th
To support our endeavor please forward the below or similar to Mr. Tonkowich at:

Dear Mr. Tonkowich,
Irkutsk Ice Truckers has been an integral part of what has kept the Freshmen class, according to Julia the best or at least her favorite, together.
Therefore, as you are looking for a name for your new ice cream shop, why not choose a name that already has name recognition within the school and community – 3,000 page views have been reached on our business site over the past three months for example – and go with The Irkutsk Ice or Irkutsk Ice Cream.
The Freshmen will love it and IIT promises to give free advertising ( a triple scoop of it!!! ) on their flagship website
Anyone at Irkutsk Ice Truckers would be very pleased to answer any and all questions about the idea. They can be found at,, or
Thank you so much for your consideration,

Thank you for supporting IIT and we hope you enjoy the Irkutsk Ice soon!