Nemec – (left) from our most recent picture before his hair alteration

Joseph Nemec stunned his class Friday with radical changes to the accidental qualities of his hair. Reports are scattered and no one has yet procured an image of the results, but apparently, he has colored his hair purplish-black in a shining reflective tone.

IIT has not yet had an opportunity to interview Nemec, but no matter what be his particular reasoning for this situation, it is a return to the WCC Freshman’s heavy metal roots. He is “back in black” one might say, and the timing of his hair coloring corresponded so well with the arrival of the “foundlings” that most are sure there was no coincidence.
“He obviously did this to show off his origins and true self to the foundlings,” reports Sophia Donaldson, a regular contributor here at IIT News. “Whether this encourages the foundlings to come, scares them away, or contributes even more to the opinion of the Founders competition as an unrealistic show of WCC life is yet to be seen. However, the WCC Freshmen Rockers almost unanimously support him, even though they were surprised. So if any of the Class of 2023 is anything like the current freshmen, this might make them even more intrigued with the ‘rocker spirit’ on full display here.
Nemec – (2017) From the IIT archives

Nemec’s decision is only the latest in a busy semester of new style trends launching at WCC. Numerous women are joining the “barefoot craze” in and around campus after Destiny Massoth exasperatingly declared: “I wish we didn’t have to wear shoes. I wouldn’t wear shoes anywhere.” Launching as a protest of a few against the social norm of wearing shoes, it has since become quite commonplace to walk barefoot just about anywhere here and at any time.

Men also had a few crazy weeks of craziness into shaving, but there supposedly was no organized effort in support of that movement last month, spontaneity only prevailing.