So we’re all scrambling, right? Err, not in reference to those things which we usually fry though sometimes scramble, but the other thing, them there “fry papers” we all got. Most of us are writing about Thucydides this time around, but IIT is very confident, that even given the complexity and depth of the subject, freshmen rockers will do great!

IIT executives have seen several students’ papers already and we are astounded at what we’ve seen so far. For example, “Abracadabra – The Greeks Build the First New Nuke” and “Phew-si-dies: Killer of the Clouds” are some of our favorites. Of course, some got permission to write about some of the many other interesting (and very long) things we’ve all read this semester. The Lysistrata and the Clouds are obviously quite popular, while at least one paper is being written on “Missing Professor Washut: A Month of Psychological Terror and Lack of Scandalizingness Class Objectives”.

But, the papers aren’t what we really want to focus on today, are they? Freshmen rockers have a lot to look forward to as even Dr. Arberry has promised: “Fun ahead for the freshmen.”

So, while you finish up your paper, here are a few resources to help you with common problems, pitfalls, and dangers we all experience.

1. Having trouble reaching the page or word count? Read S. Ezra Smith’s guide to verbosity and fill up that page as easily as a … uhh, I’m not sure, something.

2. Haven’t actually done the readings? Well, there may not be time to read them all before 5pm and write, but … 
For the un-ambitious: a summary article
For the ambitious or crazy: read it here

3. Haven’t started yet and wonder what you’re even supposed to write about?
Here are the paper prompts for Dr. PapaD’s sections: HMN 102 Paper #2 Prompt

If you’re a Washutian you can use the other prompts, or if you like taking risks, make up your own.

4. Don’t think you can finish it in time?
Perhaps that means its time to learn the art of sophistry? Its not really “that much” of a grade hit if you turn it in late … right?

5. Not sure what to do afterward? 
Come on over to IIT headquarters and watch a movie
Or: talk to the Foundlings
Or: … sleep?

Good luck and God bless you on your endeavors,

Everett and the rest of the IIT team