Please Note: This article is an exaggerated personal opinion made in jest by an IIT contributor
It may not reflect the views of Irkutsk Ice Truckers or any of its subsidiaries or associates.
As can be seen from this recently released video, the Spring 2019 Desert Backpacking trip with Wyoming Catholic College may have been backpacking, but it most definitely was not a “desert trip”
Look like a desert to you?
“Its basically a total scam” reports James Green, one of nineteen WCC students who went on the trip. “I signed up for a nice warm week walking only a few miles a day in a desert valley. But what happened instead? Several days walking up a river: carrying water!”
Our staff “Average Muslim Liturgist” specifically called out the so-called trails both in and out of the water as “like old movies you see of the Vietnam War”. 
What more needs to be said? While a good experience with the company on the trip, I can say from personal experience that as one of the two groups into which the trip was divided was unable to complete it, the trip was nothing but a scam, well-intentioned, but likely the work of infiltrating NOLSeys attempting to take down WCC’s outdoor reputation.
But it’s not the time to over-complain. Again, I enjoyed the accomplishment of finishing the trip, even if it was far different from the mental apprehension that filled our minds in choosing it. Next year’s exciting slate of planned trips and structural reforms in progress at the OLP should promise to eliminate any interference and make the Fall Outdoor Week: “better than metal”!
But either way, again, there must have been NOLS infiltration to the OLP to produce such misinformation as calling the Grand Gulch a desert. Dr. Zimmer seemed to imply that events were out of his control, making then the path longer for the trip participants, but what if NOLS interfered in the permit process or even passed along false information about the region to the OLP and the trip leaders. I hope I didn’t go too overboard earlier in complaining, because this idea exonerating the OLP, could give new evidence to an already large case for criminal investigation of NOLSeys.
In any case, this whole incident needs to be investigated, as an encapsulation of the grave struggles the OLP is currently facing. 
What do you think? Did NOLSeys interfere to create the “Desert Scam” situation?