Scandal erupted Wednesday” in Geometry (MTH 102) class at Wyoming Catholic College when it was discovered that a “phone” was being used in class instruction in place of “the fates”. Traditionally and properly, a twenty-sided die was in use, until students discovered today the use of a “portabile instrumentum radiotelephonicum” in class

While it is bad enough that the traditional and proper twenty-sided die was relegated to history, the fates denied their divine right, the use of a phone as replacement worsens the situation the more. As a student exclaimed in sudden realization of what they had unknowingly been subject to: “A telephone!”

While Dr. Zepeda had complained over the fates unduly choosing some students over others both in terms of demonstration count and in easier propositions, many students were actually happy with the decisions of the fates as opposed to the “random” draws of the phone. “What’s wrong with being ruled by divine fates?” questions Brandon Tillman, a freshman from Wisconsin. “Doesn’t Andrew rule our order? And he knows us, we trust him, unlike this new phone number rolling … phony.”

As stated, these protests have come only after the new system of using a cell-phone to determine Euclidean demonstrations was in use for weeks. Something then triggered a few to suddenly begin complaining, and this is what makes the sudden scandal claims so surprising. Every student here at WCC knows this for it what it is, a true scandal, but the question that needs to be asked is why did they wait. Why, when the phone was before them in class for weeks did they not complain more, or bring their complaints to school authorities. Is there a connection in this incident to the also strangely ambivalent reaction of a cell-phone’s presence in Philosophy class last week?

This incident seems to be part of a larger story and will bear watching.