In a move long awaited by culture starved Lander, several WCC students are launching Wyoming’s very first liturgical fashion show.
“Vestment fashion has been pretty awful, too put it mildly, for the past few centuries” says Jacob Zepp founder of the organization Zepp’s Biretta’s which is the event’s primary sponsor. “But this Saturday, we’re going to begin bringing about a return to saintly style, starting right here in Lander.”
Zepp’s organization is contributing dozens of prototype albs, cassocks, surplices, dalmatics, chasubles, birettas, and more, but the true strength of his planned show, Jacob continues, is in the “multiplicity” of eras, rites, and faiths that will be represented. Not just his organization, but dozens of traditional and start-up liturgical design organizations have been invited, and nearly all are planning to attend the April 27th Bosoeke Hall gala.
But its not just amidst a pleasant variety of appearances, that Zepp hopes to bring about this real change in the vestment industry. “I’m all about appearance AND function” he says. Thus all entries must feature easily accessible pockets, cell-phone holders, built-in microphones or other similar modern features. 

Dr. Jacob Zepp
This requirement of utility has some school “Liturgy Freaks” on edge, like Freshman Bernadette Heithoff of Kansas, who questions why this “obviously Modernist” tending event is allowed to happen on Church property.”
But, never fear, responds Lander’s one and only Average Muslim Liturgist: “It is simply the unfolding of doctrine and practice, not a change that removes the significance of Liturgical vestments as signs. Actually, there is even deeper significance to a biodegradable bamboo fiber cincture (one of what is sure to be the top hits at the event) as we see from Romano Guardini’s sequel to Sacred Signs, Sacred Trends.

The biodegradable cincture illustrates the impermanence of both man from dust to dust as is said, as well as the similarly changing nature of dogma and tradition. We should keep up with the trends of the faith just as one must keep up with the fraying of the cincture.

“Come as you are, come and see,” Zepp says. “Through experiments in aluminum vestments, laser candles, headphone crosiers, and more, we’ll show you the latest cool, hot, and trendy in more than just vestments, but make the church near you even “better than metal”. Andrew Russell is a chief adviser to Zepp’s new operation and will bring as their official press release states “a new realm of deity and culture to a world frozen in the past.

The show is still looking for models, apply today at