The room in question
Baldwin’s Room C was closed for classes for much of last month after strange leaks caused roof and floor damage. Officially, “maintenance work” on the floor above resulted in these leaks, but given that this room was the primary meeting place for the well-known C-Sophomore club, IIT decided to investigate more closely amid suspicions that something more was truly going on.
Also known as “the Legion” from its founding members, this club regularly met in Room C whenever it was not being used for classes. Until, of course, the room was mysteriously closed for “cleaning” after an “accidental water leak”, something which several of our sources say was either faked or purposeful with malicious intent. 
Gregory, one of the “Legion’s” members, and recently revealed as a god blames the room’s closure on “mischief by school officials, who were trying to hijack my fate and my specialty.” This “specialty” one must add is mischief, and his argument seems slightly possible, but stretched. Why close off a room to spite a student? Of course, Gregory’s deification might bear on this, something he says “they might not like”, but why again would a Catholic College not support a religious vocation in one of its own like that so publically displayed by Gregory. 
Is it his style, his question of “What’s larger than me?”? Could it really be so? Andrew Russell has claimed just as much about his own deity but has received next to no reaction from school officials, some of which are themselves viewed as gods in some quarters.
“We’re a very god-centered school, and we’re quite tolerant of everyone’s religious callings,” claims WCC Junior Charles Karson, “so this idea of Gregory’s really doesn’t make sense? I get that if the professors are gods they might not want rivals, but Gregory seemed to have carved out a niche in the realm of deities.” Gregory still stands by his claim, calling what happened “sabotage against my organization” and some of his followers have gone so far as to particularly blame the aforesaid professors. 
While to the relief of many Baldwin C has since reopened, and there have been no other incidents supposedly against the Legion, the question remains, why was room C closed? 
Suspicion does tend on the basis of actual facts to lean towards blame resting on someone upstairs, as the only official sign claimed a leak originating there. However, as the school has said next to nothing about the incident, IIT investigators looking into Gregory’s claims of injustice have little to go on.
Unless you know. Comment below or reach us at with any evidence you might have of what really happened.