In an angry torch procession, local parishioners of Holy Rosary Catholic Church protested “unjust discrimination” against them in regards to “liturgical responsibilities and powers” at the Easter Vigil. “All but two of the ministers involved in the liturgy were from Wyoming Catholic College. And it was OUR Mass,” they say. Such discrimination “undeniably hurts vocational and service opportunities for aspiring young children” claims the protest’s leader, Sylvia Anderson. “And besides, what about visitors. It gives them a completely false impression of us as a welcoming trendy parish. And besides, it’s just unfair. My family’s been here twice as long as the school has, and we seem to get far less say in the parish than these foreigners do.”

Sylvia Anderson leader of the protest
While not disputing the claims of Sylvia and those like her, WCC has officialy responded, claiming that they were asked to fill ministerial functions that otherwise would be vacant. “If we had learned that Sylvia’s children wanted to help serve or usher we’re sure Alex or Thomas would have been happy to train them.” She fired back almost immediately saying, “but that’s the problem. Why do we have to go through YOUR people to be involved in OUR church. Before you came, this church was almost empty, plenty of time and space to do our intefaith peace rituals with those we wanted to bring in. Then you… Ohh the horror!” Reportedly she broke out crying after saying this, but a quote different reaction was on display that night. 
Marchers along Main St. near midnight Saturday
At that time, she and several dozen other angry followers paraded down Main St. with lighted torches, chanting for “social justice, peace, and affirmative action to benefit those ‘who are of other faiths by the will of God’.” Police were called when there appeared to be danger of the oil-polluted PopoAgie River being set alight by their torches, but apparently no injury or damage occurred. However, the display frightened many, like Angus Winstrom at the Lander Bar, who “saw them coming” and remembered the times he saw the KKK as a boy. “Ohh, by golly, these seemed like the old boys” he recounted, “but then I realized it was just some kids partying late.” Winstrom’s opinion has not yet been corrected, but he and others were definitely relieved when the situation calmed down due to the sheer exhaustion of the protestors after a record-setting length of two-hour and fifty-five minute for the Easter Vigil.
Reportedly, Mrs. Anderson is now protesting outside of NOLS for not accepting dogs into their outdoor courses as students.