Lander, WY – After nearly two years in hiding Archbishop Carlo Vigano is set to return in an unlikely place, as one of the four chaplains on Wyoming Catholic College’s Freshman COR Expedition this year according to a memo leaked from Professor Washut’s office.

Vigano, after writing and publishing several letters that exposed grave corruption and scandal amid the Church hierarchy, went into hiding last year “in fear of his life”. He was quite good friends with WCC founder and longtime former professor, Dr. Kwasniewski, as our insider source at the WCC Office of Student Life reports, and it was this friendship that is persuading him to make a limited excursion back into the open this August.

While working at his past position as Apostolic Nuncio, Vigano became an avid outdoorsman and backpacker, LifeSiteNews reports, making his being a chaplain for the WCC COR Freshmen Expedition, a three-week program that launches students’ education at WCC, a logical step. Though 78, Vigano is in excellent mental and physical condition and our document says he plans to use COR as a retreat from which to write another public letter.

As Vigano is still apparently in danger for his life on account of the revelations and accusations he has made extreme security protocols will reportedly be assembled and put into place by WCC Security. The Archbishop will come into Lander clandestinely at an undisclosed time before COR and will remain hidden until the beginning of the expedition. Which specific group (WCCLE) he is set to act as chaplain will not be disclosed until all the students reach the trailhead, while as an extra precaution no information on the routes to be taken will be given out to students or parents unlike typical policy to ensure absolute security for the threatened archbishop.

While the school has not made any official confirmation of these plans, we have high confidence in the veracity of the source even as it seems there will be no confirmation of anything until the expedition is over and he is again safely in hiding.

IIT in no way wishes to threaten his safety but has published this that we see as a quite explosive development in full confidence in the school’s security team and well-developed plans.

IIT will get a correspondent onto each COR WCCLE group to report and interview Vigano in person and possibly corroborate rumors that he was living at either former WCC professor Dr. Kwasniewski’s or current Junior Jacob Zepp’s home while in hiding.

Stay tuned for more on this incredible development!